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Here is another post about fun resources and games for kids to help with their financial education. I  will keep them coming for you,

Enjoy everyone! money online game is brought to you by Sovereign Bank. The fundamentals of money and banking are taught to younger children. Older children will enjoy the historical facts and more detailed explanations also provided.

There is a story where children join in with a cast of characters on a tour of Money, Savings, Interest, Checking, and Electronic Banking. The story is divided into five chapters, each hosted by a different character. What fun! ;o)

Children begin their journey with Penny, following through to Dollar Bill, then Interest Ray, Checks, and lastly Mr. EFT. Each chapter ends with an introduction to the next character and each chapter can also be read independently of the others.

The story is written for smaller children, but there is a click-able icon, known as “The Professor.” The Professor provides more detailed information providing older children with a clearer understanding of the topic.

Then there is a game room where children can test their knowledge of money and banking! It offers 10 multiple choice quizzes based on the information learned in the story. The Professor Quizzes are more in-depth.

The Holiday Savings Calculator totals how much money a child can save by a specific date, based on principal and weekly savings. The Car Calculator shows a child how much he or she can save over a certain number of years, based on principal, interest, and weekly savings.

Children may enter, select or change certain variables that effect the final calculation. Children learn how time,contributions, and interest rates impact their savings.

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Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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4 Responses to Money games for kids – Kids Bank

  1. Nancy says:

    the link doesn’t work – it says: Page not available. 🙁

    • Amanda says:

      I am so sorry, I just noticed as well that the site is no longer available.
      It was still up last week. It is a shame, it was such a cool site.
      I have emailed the Sovereign bank to ask what the situation is.
      Hopefully they will continue with the site. I’ll keep you posted.

      I have another post in the works for cool online games scheduled to go out next week.

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

      • Amanda says:

        I can confirm now that the site of the Sovereign bank is no longer available.
        They came back to me that they do not intent to continue this program,
        which is a shame because there are a lot of people that can benefit from learning about money in a fun way.

        Good thing there are more resources, just keep an eye on your email about new posts.

        Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  2. Kris says:

    Great idea! I’ll add this site to my son’s favorites!

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