Kids Saving Money? Really?

I have a very dear friend, Martyne, whose husband, Anthony, doesn’t mind going to the bank as long as he is withdrawing money. Anthony loves to take money out of the bank. He doesn’t think it’s so important putting money back into the bank.

I’m not kidding you! Honest! Anthony never learned about kids saving money when he was young. Kids saving money? No way! Kids spend money. He figured money was only something to be spread around. Is it any wonder that Anthony usually doesn’t have any money left over in his pockets at the end of each week?

But my friend, Martyne, has taught her husband the value of saving money. “I wish he had learned this lesson when he was a kid. I’m definitely going to teach our son, Stephen, that kids saving money is cool!” she said to me.

Kids have to learn that saving money is one of the most important things a kid can do with his or her money. Why? Money in and of itself is not important. What you do with your money is what counts.

Think about it for a minute. Kids always want to buy something — something to eat, something to wear, something to do, like going to the movies. And when kids’ money run out, most kids don’t even remember what they spent their money on. All they do remember is that it is gone and they want more! ;o)

So, it’s up to us, parents of our kids, to teach them that kids saving money will in the long run allow them to have money whenever they need it. They won’t run out of money because they will be careful spending it! Their money will be spent wisely for stuff that has value because they’ll wait at least one day before buying an expensive item. What they buy will be worthwhile.

Maybe your kids don’t know what they want; they only know that they want something. They want to spend money and buy something, anything, that is new or will give them pleasure right now. Immediate satisfaction! But money can be so much more!

Kids saving money for a special treat, like a new bike, or for a rainy day, when having that money will make a real difference, is what matters. Money’s value is how it is managed so that it can work for your child, not just how it is spent.

Click here to see the free video lesson for parents, “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks” so you can learn how your child can manage their money so that it works for them rather than them always having to work for money. What a great way to show your kids saving money can be FUN! ;o)

The video will show you how to create an exciting game for your kids out of kids saving money. You’ll be able to show your kids saving money can be just as fun, if not more so, as kids spending money! All those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters adding up. All those one dollar bills becoming five, ten, even twenty dollar bills. Oh my! All that green stuff will give your children a feeling of power and self-esteem. It’ll make them feel more confident and capable of taking care of themselves.

Kids saving money is a great idea! They can imagine all kinds of items that they want to buy. They can imagine enjoying the ownership of the items; the pleasure of being able to afford it. But until they are sure, absolutely sure, that they want to spend their money for that item, kids can just save it.

Here’s to empowering our kids about money! ;o)

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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  1. Kris says:

    I think I need to get my husband to watch this video as well! 😉

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