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This is the third post about fun resources and games for kids to help with their financial education. I will keep them coming for you,

Enjoy everyone! money online game shows kids and teens how to think about money and manage it wisely. There’s information to read, games to play and quizzes to take.

Under “Fun for Kids” there are “discover” and “play” areas. Here kids will learn about earning, saving, spending and giving.

There are many activities, challenges and calculators. Some deal with spending, saving, and borrowing.

Kids will learn just how sharp their money smarts are with the “Entrepreneur Challenge,” the “Truth About Millionaires” and “What Kind of Spender are You?” quizzes. Also, they will enjoy the saving, compounding, power of 72 and “When Will You Be a Millionaire?” calculators.

Under “Tips for Teens,” teens will learn about earning, saving, spending, owing, tracking, giving, investing and safeguarding.

Their money smarts will be tested with “Be Your Own Boss Challenge” and “Spending Challenge.” The quizzes “What Kind of Spender are You?,” “Truth About Millionaires,” “I Paid How Much?” and “Credit Card IQ” will challenge them.

Let’s not forget about their different calculators! ;o) Teens will be intrigued with the saving, power of 72, compounding, debt, lifespan and “When Will
You Be a Millionaire?” calculators.

Teens are also given opportunities to write a check, determine a budget and balance a checking account.

Oops, I almost forgot the section devoted to parents entitled “Pointers for Parents.” That’s important, too. o;)

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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