Guest Post: Fun Online Resources You Can Use To Teach Your Kids About Money

Hello again and Happy New Year! ;o)

Today I am honoured to share with you a very special guest post. Brian Jenkins from BrainTrack has put together a wonderful list of fabulous online game resources that will help your child learn about money in a fun way.

Enjoy! ;o)

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)


Fun Online Resources You Can Use to Teach Your Kids About Money

Teaching kids how to handle money wisely is an important aspect of parenting. Add some fun to the training and kids will actually pay attention! Let’s take a look at some of the best websites providing money management lessons through games, activities, and enjoyable quizzes.

  • Rich Kid Smart Kid offers interactive games to teach kids financial lessons. There are games for all age levels. Kids learn how to make a profit, handle debt, and invest in assets and other businesses. A suit and tie or pantsuit is required to play the game. Just kidding!
  • The offers a wide variety of resources. You can print play money, and the website includes money games and activities for kids.
  • provides fun quizzes and calculators to help children learn how to save money. Fun quizzes: An oxymoron? Not in this case!
  •, provided by Sovereign Bank, includes 10 multiple choice quizzes based on information provided in a story. The questions are based solely on the story panels. Perhaps years later your kids will include in the education section of their resumes!
  • SmartStart for Kids, available on the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce website, includes enjoyable games such as The Allowance Room and the Piggy Bank Saving Adventure.
  • Escape from Knab offers an online game about saving money. The kids have to save enough money to buy a ticket to get off Knab. It’s a very yucky place.
  • The h.i.p. Pocket Change is provided by the US Mint. It offers entertaining games and cartoons to help kids learn about coins.
  • Little Money Bags is a fun, high-tech tool that teaches kids about fiscal responsibility. It includes an online virtual piggy bank. It’s a blend of a childhood piggy bank and a simulated online banking account. These days fiscal responsibility is a common term with five year olds. Well, perhaps not… yet, at least.
  • TreasuryDirect Kids is provided by the Bureau of the Public Debt. It offers the online SAVE PERRY’S PENNIES and the MONEYMEMORY games. The games include easy, medium, and hard versions. Give your kids a choice: Go to Disneyland or the Bureau of the Public Debt website. It’s a tough choice; well, maybe not so much.

Kids enjoy activities much more than lectures. Use fun online resources to help your kids learn about managing money.

Brian Jenkins writes about a number of education related topics, including careers in elementary education, for BrainTrack.

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4 Responses to Guest Post: Fun Online Resources You Can Use To Teach Your Kids About Money

  1. Anna says:

    Resources seem interesting but as I’m in the UK working in dollars would simply add another complication for under ten-year-olds
    Any information on Sterling based resources?

    • Amanda says:

      That is a great comment Anna. I’m interested to see what we can find.

      My own children live internationally between the Kiwi dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Euro, and we’ve never found it an issue switching between. (Xanthe is 8 and Quinn is 6)

      The concepts that they learn about money are more than the actual currency they learn about. It’s the wealth mentality that is the main issue here. As far as I remember, I believe the English Pound has 100 cents in it also. Am I correct, I’m not 100% sure on that.

      But that was a great comment Anna, it would be fantastic if you could find some UK online money games that could help. I am sure that many of our readers would be very grateful to you for looking into that. I’ll see also what I can come up with.

      Thanks Anna, you’re so awesome! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

  2. Daniel says:

    Very nice article with some great links. Will be pointing people in your direction. Thanks Amanda

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