Is the Love of Money the Root of all Evil?

A Special Guest Post from Angelo Campione


In society, money seems to be considered a necessary “evil”¬†and religions have often used the phrase that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. But why would something inanimate like money be the root of all evil?

It’s got to do with how we as people, transfer our power to this medium of exchange. We’re born with no real understanding of the abundant nature we are and so from the moment we arrive, we gather data to work out how we fit in with this world.

At some point, we work out that having money enables us to experience bigger and better things. And so the innate desire for expansion, desires more money to have that freedom to experience whatever is in the heart to experience.
But then we also gain an understanding that people have done bad things at times to get more money and so we grow up with this conflicted feeling within us.

On the one hand we want more money, but on the other, we may either need to take advantage of others in some way or be seen as a person with lower morals to get it.

This line of thinking is what happens unconsciously from a young age that then shapes the way we feel about money and those that have money as we become adults. But what’s the truth?

  1. Money is neutral, it’s neither good or bad
  2. People get lost In thinking that money will give them something more than it’s actually designed for (like happiness for example)
  3. People then place a higher value on money than the relationships with other people
  4. The people close to the ones that are caught up in the money trap then think that money is the issue and that money is what’s causing that person to behave in an evil or uncivil way
  5. It’s the thinking and interpretation of money that has led the person to take actions that may be less than compassionate towards other people.

In summary, the purpose of money is to be a mechanism where we can exchange one thing of value for another, in an easy to use form, it’s not to make us happy or otherwise. The accumulation of money can be done in honorable ways or dishonorable ways, it all depends on your beliefs around it.

And finally, rather than the love of money being the root of all evil, I would say that to be ruled by money, or anything else for that matter, is the root of all pain. It’s only when you realize your true nature and that you can have whatever is in your heart to experience in a way where not only you benefit, but everyone involved benefits, can you find the freedom to live a life that is truly joyous.

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Angelo Campione is a writer and publisher of Mindfulness related articles. He has real life experience in dealing with emotional pain and now walks the path that has him live a life of Purpose, Joy and Freedom. He is passionate about helping to raise consciousness and runs an online Mindfulness Series Free of charge as well as a blog site at

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6 Responses to Is the Love of Money the Root of all Evil?

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  2. Wow great article there.

    I know in the bible it says ‘Money is the root of all thing”,but I guess you have to look at it in context of things. We need money to purchase everyday food and have a shelter over our heads. This is a necessity. When we are greedy for money though, it means that we choose to horde money and that we chase materialistic items over relationships.

    When they say they money is the root of all things, in the bible it is relating to you can either serve money or you can serve God, you can’t do both. So a person’s heart after money will mean they are after materistic items which they think will determine their happiness while serving God means building relationships with friends and families, but also using money to buy the necessities and also help the poor.

    Anyhows just my two cents worth here.

  3. Great article thanks!
    Its been said that its the lack of money which is the root of all evil!
    I think that having money just magnifies what’s already on the inside, be that love and generousity or fear and greed.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I know exactly what you mean! Money simply enhances what is at the root of the person who holds it. If they are naturally good then they will use it for good if they are naturally bad then they will use it for bad.

      Money is simply a medium (a super handy medium!) ;o)

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