***The “Name That Teen $ Workshop” CONTEST*** WIN A FREE Copy Of The Workshop For Your Teen!


I did a workshop for teens where I taught them about how to make their money work hard for them!

What will be its NEW name?

At the time I needed a quick title for the workshop and I was inspired by my good friend, Patti Handy, who had just written her new book, “Ditch Your Allowance And Get Richer Than Your Parents“.

I borrowed a version of her book title as the temporary name of my workshop. I called the workshop: “Chuck Your Allowance And Get Richer Than Your Parents!”

This was just a temporary name until I could come up with my own original title.

And Patti has been very good about it too. She’s just awesome, you can check our her products and gifts here:



But the problem now is that I have hit a ‘Writer’s Block’! I don’t want to keep the temporary title as that would infringe upon Patti’s book title and copyrights but I am having no creative insights at all as to what to call my workshop!

This is where I need your help!

It  dawned on me that the best person to help me come up with a good title for my money workshop for teens would be you! ;o)

And I want to give you something for helping me too!

So I’ve decided to hold a quick competition.

You have the chance to win a complete copy of the ” ? ” Teens Money Video Workshop! ;o) (That’s a $97 Value FREE!)




Simply write down your best title for my Teen Money Workshop in the comment box below by this Sunday Evening 12Midnight EST, the 9th of May.

I’ll review all the suggested titles and the top three titles will be given a FREEcopy of the full ” ? ” Teen Money Video Workshop! (all 7 Workshop Videos PLUS the Workbook!) ;o)

This is what your teens will learn with this video workshop: (this will help you get an idea of the workshop so you can create the WINNING title!)

  • Effective Goal Setting – How To Make Sure Their Goals ACTUALLY Come TRUE!
  • Brain-Storming – Coming Up With Some Fun, Easy Ways For Teens To Make Their OWN Money!
  • The Magical 6 Piggys – Teaching Teens How To Manage Their Money So Their Money Works Hard for THEM, Not The Other Way Around! (Investing, Saving, Spending, Giving to Charity, etc.)
  • The Power or Leverage – Showing Teens How To Have More Money AND More Free Time!
  • The Magic of Compound Interest – Showing Teens The TRUE Value Of EVERY Dollar!
  • Plan of Attack! – Giving Your Teen Their Very Own Personalized Plan of Action For Their Goals and Money!

Thank-you for taking part in this contest, I hope YOU WIN! ;o)

Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. If you don’t see the ‘comments box’ below, then there is a link to the ‘comments’ section above this post. Just click on that text link and you’ll be directed to the comment box to fill in your entry.

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76 Responses to ***The “Name That Teen $ Workshop” CONTEST*** WIN A FREE Copy Of The Workshop For Your Teen!

  1. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Opera, it looks fine but
    when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some
    overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, excellent blog!

  2. Andy says:

    1) Teen Wealth: Train to be a Rich
    2) Train to Gain: Secrets of Billionaire Teens
    3) Young at Heart, Rich in Wealth
    4) Teen Spirit, Wealthy Life
    5) Makin’ Money: Life for the Teenage Millionaire
    6) Show Me The Money: Simple Steps To Wealthy Teens
    7) Break All The Boundaries: And Have It All
    8) It’s About Being Rich
    9) No Fear!: Teen Wealth.
    10) Go For It: Your Wealth of Dreams – (A Simple How-To Guide For the Teen)

    Cheers Amanda!

  3. Here are a few off the top of my head. My teen daughter thinks she’s ‘all that/tough gangsta’ now (LOL) so I’m using her slang for inspiration:

    $treet $mart – Rich at Heart
    Betta Than Yo’ Mama’s Moolah
    Teen At Heart – Grown Up $mart
    No More Bustin’ Your Bootstraps 4 Big Bucks!
    My Mansion Can Beat Up Your Crib
    Hoodilicious Bounty
    Tantalizing Teen Treasures
    Beat Ya At The Bank, Baby!
    Live It Up Like A Rockstar
    How To Drive Your Bank Account Wild
    Babe-alicious Bank Accounts
    Big Bucks In The Bank
    Don’t Choke If You’re Broke
    Growing Your Cherry Tree When Your Income Is The Pits

    Love your information! Keep it coming!


    • Amanda says:

      You know Mindy, I could actually HEAR the lyrics to songs as I read these!
      SOOO cool! Hats off to your teen girl! ;o)

      Thanks for sharing.

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  4. Susan says:

    Working Your Allowance.
    Small amounts mount up!
    Funding your Parent’s (haha)
    Pockets full.
    Deeper Pockets to teen wealth.
    Bright Ideas, Bright Future. Wealth Creation.

    May be too late – this got me really thinking

    • Amanda says:

      I love number 3 Susan! (for my own humour, not sure it would do well as a title But I love the funnies! ;o)

      I really like ‘Pockets Full!’ That’s super cool.

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  5. gaby says:

    GRY=Get Rich Younger
    GRAYT= Get Rich At Your Twent’s

  6. cheryl lopez says:

    Millionaire Mindset for Teens Learning.
    How to be the best Teen in Life and be a Billionaire.
    Create your BILLIONS and have the best Teen in Life!
    Teen Building on Money Matters.

  7. Susan Gililland says:

    The alignment of Teen Money under idea number 4 should say Teen Money horizontally and then the acronym for teen should run vertically on the left with the word money also running vertically to the right of the word teen. Thee submission to you came out all crazy. Worry about that.

  8. Carol says:

    Teens Guide to the $$$$ Universe

  9. Beth says:

    Teens Go for the Gold! Be at the Top of Your Financial Game!

  10. Susan Gililland says:

    Ideas for titles:

    1. $mart Money for Teens
    2. Teen Money $ense
    3. Teen $mart Money
    4. Teen Money
    T – Teaching Teens M – Make YOUR Money Work
    E – Effective Goals for O – Own YOUR Time
    E – Exploding Their N – Navigate YOUR Plan
    N – Net Worth E – Evaluate YOUR $aving and $pending
    5. $mart Money for Money $mart Teens
    6. $mart Money Tools for Teens

  11. Beth says:

    “Imagine~Going for the Gold” “The Game Plan for Teens to Reach the Top of Their Financial Game”

  12. Estela says:

    My suggestion is
    ” Don’t Mortgage Your Life”

  13. Marilyn says:

    Millionaire Teen Workshop
    Teen Millionaire Workshop
    $mart TeenAge Millionaire
    TeenAge Money $mart$
    Be a Millionaire @ 13!
    13 YO Millionaire??
    Can U B A Millionaire @ 13?
    You’re Not A Millionaire Yet?
    $aving Dollar$ Make$ You Rich!
    $mart$ + Dollar$ = Rich!
    $mart$ + Dollar$ = Wealth!
    Wealth Building 4 Teen$
    Money Technique$ for Teen$
    The Wealthy Mind$et for Teen$
    Why Aren’t YOU a Millionaire?
    Money Matter$ for Teen$
    How to Be A Millionaire B4 Your Parents!

    • Amanda says:

      Marilyn, you sure are on a roll! ;o)

      I love it! You have a real pulse for the teen language, I really appreciate that! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  14. Florence says:

    How about the “Teen Entrepreneur” workshop, or the “Teen Entrepreneur’s secrets” workshop…
    Or something along those lines.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Carla says:

    I came up with:
    How to ditch dependence on others for money
    and freely create your own wealth

    and my son’s idea is:
    Empowered teens
    Break free and create your own wealth

  16. Don H says:

    Hi Amanda
    Here’s my suggestion:
    A Teens Desire–Building a Mind for Riches

    If you decide on this title, I would like the course to go to a good friend of mine in Karaka. She has an 11 yr old daughter.
    Visited NZ last September. Wonderful country
    If you decide not to use it–then I’ll wite a course myself!! HAHA Cheers

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Don,

      I love your humour!

      First of all New Zealand ROCKS! (okay, I’m biased, I live there when I’m not in visiting Canada!) ;o)

      Second of all, I think you SHOULD write your own course! Why not? I would be proud to support you on that! I wish MORE parents would help out like that!

      Thirdly, I think you are very sweet to want to give your course to your friend’s daughter if you win it. That is wonderful! ;o)

      I’ll be going over all the suggestions tomorrow and then I’ll let you know how it goes.

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  17. Lynn says:

    The $MART Decision for your Life
    $mart MONEY Teens

    Sometimes I HAVE writers block as well Amanada.
    Thanks Lynn

    • Amanda says:

      Thank-you Lynn,

      Those are great! ;o)

      Isn’t writer’s block a pain!
      But on the other hand, it’s also a blessing, now I have so many wonderful names to choose from, from lovely caring parent’s like yourself. I really appreciate you!

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  18. Erin & Maria says:

    Hi there Amanda,

    Just spoke to my son and brainstorm some cool titlesthat we think teens would love. We think that kids esp teenagers like competition & winning, they like to read and listen to things that are cool and fun at the same time. So without further ado, here are some of the titles we come up with:

    1. SIMPLY $TREETWI$E: How to Become Better than the WallStreets
    2.WHAT’$ IN YOUR BRAIN WALLET? The Best Financial Paradigm to Becoming The Best Teen $av vy
    3. IT’$ GRAVY BABY! $mart Ways on How to Budget your Allowance from A-Z
    4. ARE YOU $MARTER THAN A TEEN PARENTS? Your absolute Guide on How To Win The Financial Game in Life
    5. LOOT, THERE IT I$! The Avatar (Principles) on Taking Control of Your Own Money

    Hope these titles help! Also we want to greet all the moms out there a “Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!!!” You all rock!!!

    Erin & Maria

    • Amanda says:


      Thanks so much Erin and Maria, you are AWESOME! You definitely ROCK!
      I ESPECIALLY LOVE the “LOOT, THERE IT I$!” That is WAY cool! ;o)

      Thanks so much for helping, I loved reading your ideas and know you put a lot of effort into them.

      Cheers….Amanda ;o)

  19. Amanda says:

    These comments are from Garry (for some reason the blog kept shutting him out, so he simply emailed them to me) Thanks Garry!


    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Steps to Uncovering Your Teenage Treasure
    2) Building Your Teenage Treasure Map
    3) The Teenage Wealth Building Workshop
    4) Teen Wealth 101
    5) How To Be a Successful Teenage Moneymaker!

    Take care!


  20. Gale says:

    Make More Moola than Mom!!

  21. Names

    Money Master
    Money Magic


    Making money your best friend
    Making money your best ally
    Money mastery made fun
    Money mastery made easy
    The easy road to teen riches
    A workshop for smarter, richer teens
    Money magic for today’s teens
    What every teen should know about money
    Play the game of money like a pro!
    Beat your parents moneywise!
    Never ask for money again!

  22. Prosperiteen
    Making money your best friend

    Money Magic
    A workshop for smarter, richer teens
    Money mastery made fun!

    Money Master

    The easy road to teen riches

  23. Randy says:

    “BrokeBack Dollar$” How to keep your money moving and making more money!

  24. Lindy says:

    Sense, Dollars and Wealth.
    What Every Teen Needs to Know.

  25. Shelley says:

    Money Magic: A smart guide for teens
    Blingin’ in the dough: A teen’s guide to money
    How Smart Teens Make it Rich

  26. Rose Delfin says:

    Dollars and Sense a teen survival guide;
    Motivated Money how to take control of your life

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Rose,

      The first one is too similar to my new co-author, Phil Strong, he has a Dollars and Sense blog for adults so I’ll leave him the teen version. I do like it though! ;o)

      I really like the second one, it gives a sense of positive assertive action! Great job Rose!


  27. Rosemary Robinson says:

    Mind Games – Turn Your Allowance into Millions

  28. Kristina says:

    The Money Saving Workshop for Kids/Teens

    Money Building Workshop for Kids/Teens

    Saving and Growing your Money Workshop

    Moola Saver$ Workshop for Kids

    Kids Moola Savers Workshop

    Money $avers Workshop

    Hope these help (and win) hehe


  29. Be the First of your Friends to be a Millionaire

    O How you can be the 1st of your friends to be a Millionaire

  30. Leslie says:

    Financial Fitness – Exercises for Teens

  31. Garry says:

    Okay… I’m trying this again…

    Just got your corrected link… but not sure why my comments aren’t showing up.

    Hopefully they do now! 🙂

    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Steps to Uncovering Your Teenage Treasure
    2) Building Your Teenage Treasure Map
    3) The Teenage Wealth Building Workshop
    4) Teen Wealth 101
    5) How To Be a Successful Teenage Moneymaker!

  32. linda says:

    Use your Noodle to Save your Boodle

    (Boodle being slang for money)

  33. Jackie says:

    Hi Amanda,
    My suggestion is:

    \\" Your Choice: \\"Rich Kid, Poor Kid\\" Workshop \\"

    Some great names coming in!
    Thanks for asking me Amanda:)
    Have an awesome day!

  34. Steve Mackenzie says:

    How about

    \"How to Become a Teen CEO\" or with a twist \"Become the First Teen CEO on Your Block\"

  35. Garry says:

    Hmmm… not sure why my comments aren’t showing up… but here’s one last try…

    1) The Teenage Wealth Building Workshop
    2) Teen Wealth 101
    3) How To Be a Successful Teenage Moneymaker!

  36. How about … “How to Work Easy For Your Money – And Make It Work Hard For You!”

    Damn, I wish you’d been around when I was growing up.

    Thanks for everything.

    • Amanda says:

      Oh Simon,

      thanks for your wonderful comment and your GREAT name suggestion!
      I wish I’d learned these things as a kid too!

      But hey, I’m teaching everything I’m learning now! ;o)

      Cheers…Amanda ;o)

  37. Garry says:

    Hi Amanda!

    How about:

    1) The Teenage Wealth Building Wokshop
    2) Teen Wealth 101
    3) How To Be a Successful Teenage Moneymaker!

  38. Mike Jasky says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Master Your Money
    Money Boss

    Take your pick,

  39. Garry says:

    Hi Amanda,

    So far, I’ve thought of three different titles:

    1- The Teenage Wealth Building Workshop
    2 – Teen Wealth 101
    3 – How To Be a Successful Teenage Moneymaker!

  40. Linda says:

    Use Your Noodle to Keep Your Boodle

    Boodle (being slang for money)

  41. Sue says:

    Hi Amanda
    I’d like to suggest “Money Matters” (the final “s” could be a dollar sign)
    Warmest regards and thanks you for all you are doing for the adults of tomorrow
    Sue x

  42. Amanda says:

    Looking very forward to reading your ideas for a title for my Teen workshop, thanks in advance!

    Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

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