Money games for kids – It’s My Life – Money

“It’s My Life – Money” is an absolutely wonderful online money place for young tweens to visit.

It has money topics, games, quizzes, videos with video discussion guides and celebs, reviews (and more), plus blog (real stuff for tweens). This is tweens heaven!

The money topics include “why should you work?,” “offering a service” and “using your creativity” to name a few. There’s the “Making Money Quiz” which helps enormously with learning how to rake in those big bucks!

The “Be Your Own Boss” game gives you the chance to pick a business you would like to start, and see how well you can make it grow. You learn to make your decisions wisely otherwise you can run it (and yourself!) into the ground.

“Mad Money” is another cool game! You get to choose a special item (like a concert ticket for $50) and then you get 30 days of earning, spending and saving. The goal is to end up with enough money for the item you chose. You visit different stores, buy the items on your list, and get opportunities to earn more money. Oh, this was FUN!

Not only about money, there are these AWESOME videos covering topics of interest to tweens, such as “food smarts,” “sibling rivalry,” “time management, “ “home alone,” “gossip and rumors,” “depression,” “dealing with anger,” “crushes,” “cheating” and “embarrassing moments.”

Being a young person doesn’t have to mean being confused when it comes to the how’s, what’s, when’s, and where’s of spending money. Learn all about “spending smarts, “making money” and “managing money.” And tell your tweens this:

Money makes the world go around … or at least makes the ride a little easier. You can earn extra moolah! You can learn the secret to managing your money too. GO FOR IT!

Cheers … Amanda van der Gulik … Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

P.S. Here are some more fun money tools I found to help your Tweens and Teens learn about making money and money management! Enjoy! ;o)
(Simply click on the photos, it will open up a new window, to take a “sneak peek” inside them!)

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2 Responses to Money games for kids – It’s My Life – Money

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Looks like a great site. I get my kids to “road” test it on the weekend.
    Thanks for sending out these great resources.

    • Amanda says:

      I am glad to provide you with the resources.
      Let me know what your kids thought of the game.

      Cheers….Amanda van der Gulik….Excited Life Enthusiast!

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