National Financial Freedom Week – July 1 thru 7

July is Freedom Month. July 1 thru 7 is National Financial Freedom Week.

We all want our kids to take the financial path to success.
One of our primary purposes in life is to nurture and guide our kids to end up on a strong financial ground.

During a year, we celebrate many different holidays. Each month has one or more national and religious holidays. Have you ever heard of “zany” holidays? These holidays (monthly, weekly and daily) are not the traditional ones; they are “zany” (silly). Who knew?!

July is more well-known in the U.S. for the celebration of July 4th, Independence Day. Did you know that the first week in July (July 1 thru 7) is National Financial Freedom Week? It is!

Ask adults to define financial freedom and each time you will get a different answer. What if you were to ask kids to define financial freedom? What would financial freedom mean to a child?

One child might say that financial freedom is having lots and lots of money! SOOOO much money that he or she can buy anything he or she wants. Anything at all! ;o)

Another child might say that financial freedom is never owing anyone any money. Never being asked to return any money borrowed. Ah, this is heaven – or is it financial freedom?

A child might say financial freedom means getting an allowance or earning enough money to never worry about budgeting it.

One child might say that financial freedom is not having to work or do chores any more. Why? Because he or she has enough money to last a whole lifetime. (Is this even possible?)

There are those children who view financial freedom as having extra income. Money (passive income) that they can count on receiving on a regular basis without working for it.

Some children believe that financial freedom is pinching and saving money most of the time and creating a well-padded nest-egg. They believe financial freedom means acquiring a lot of money.

Finally, there are kids who believe that financial freedom is having no possessions other than bare essentials. Don’t own and maintain a car when you can take a bus or bum a ride!
Having nothing is better than being responsible for something.
Now that’s financial freedom! ;o)

SOOOO, there are many different definitions of financial freedom.
Whatever your definitions are, remember that July 1 thru 7 is National Financial Freedom Week. Encourage your children to become financiallyFREE!

Guide them in spending their money. Make them responsible for their money decisions. Encourage them to invest their money wisely to receive back good returns. Tell your kids to trust them-selves and listen to their inner voice (their Jimmy Cricket).

Let your kids donate a portion of their money to others. This puts the Law of Attraction in motion. Now they will receive all that they are meant to receive.

Teach your kids to understand and accept the cycles of money.
The setbacks they have today or tomorrow will not keep them from financial freedom. Tell them to hold on to their goals and dreams.

Most importantly, help your kids learn to recognize true wealth.
Money itself will not make you financially FREE. Financial freedom comes from a powerful state of mind which tells you that you are worth far more than your money.

During Freedom Month (July) and especially during July 1 thru 7 (National Financial Freedom Week), encourage your children to define financial freedom in a way that empowers them with money savvy.

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  1. Nice! I love knowing about financial freedom week. Is this not why our forefathers fought for our independence?

    I love your tips. Getting kids to belief in financial freedom early on helps with their core beliefs around money. Great post!

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