True gratitude will be your child's success!

How can your child ever be truly successful if she or he is never grateful?

I know this may seem very logical but bare with me and think about this.
How often have you encouraged your child to take a moment to simply sit back and feel their genuine gratitude for all that they have accomplished and all that they will accomplished?

"Be grateful for what they will accomplish?" you ask.

My answer to you is: ABSOLUTELY!

Not only is it of absolute importance for your child to be truly, from the depths of their soul be genuinely grateful for all that they have already accomplished but also for what they wish to accomplish.

"Okay, I understand about being grateful for what they have", you say, "but how can they be grateful for what they wish to accomplish if they haven't accomplished it yet? And why is it important to be grateful for their future accomplishments if they haven't happened yet?"

Two very good questions.

Let me answer your second question first.

WHY be grateful about their future accomplishments?

Have you ever heard of the "law of attraction"? Do you know what it
In short the 'law of attraction' states that in order for your child to attract to them that which they desire they must send out those energies like a magnet.

So if they are already grateful for what they have not yet accomplished but honestly believe in their heart that they will accomplish those things then they are using the 'law of attraction' in their favour by making their mind as well as the universe believe that they have already accomplished their desired goals and thereby sending those very goals their way, through natural laws as well as through possitive mental

Hey, if someone's going to play with their mind, it may as well be themselves!

AND it may as well be representing their desired future, right?

Okay, now onto your first question,

HOW can my child be grateful about their future accomplishments?

GREAT question!
It's actually a lot simpler than you might imagine it to be:
Make the time to sit down with your child for at least half an hour with a pen and a pad of paper and list ALL the goals that your child wishes to achieve down on your notepad. (What do they want to DO in their life, who do they want to BE, which charities would they like to HELP?)

Now grab some old magazines or go to a search engine like Google and look
for photos that represent their future dreams. Print these off and let them cut them out. Then stick them across from the toilet seat, on their bathroom mirror, next to their bed, on the wall that they look at from their desk, and on your refridgerator as well as any other place you can think of so that they will be reminded on a very continuous daily basis. 
You can even go one step further and help your child create what I like to call their very own "mind movie".

This is a movie of moving photos of all the dreams that your child wishes to achieve attached to emotionally moving music that moves your child spiritually to reach their dreams and to see them as something that already exists and that they are truly grateful for.

(With the mind movie I highly recommend you watch it together first thing when you wake up in the morning and last thing before you go to bed at night to really help your child make the most benefit of this incredibly powerful mind message.) 
The main thing is that you want your child to have the text,

"I am so happy and grateful NOW that I AM....., I HAVE......., I GIVE........, etc."

Write this text on paper in dark bold letters and fill in their dreams and goals in the appropriate places and then make numerous copies and stick them on or above the areas where they have posted their goal pictures to remind their mind that these goals have already happened and that they are genuinely grateful for them.

If you help your child make a mind movie version of their goals then make sure that they put that text into their mind movie as well.

Here are some examples of possible texts:

"I am so happy and grateful now that I am healthy and strong, and I am physically able to play outdoor games with my family for hours!"

"I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning over $1000.00/day, ever since August 2009, by helping others achieve their goals!"

Make it mean something for them!

Cheers.....Amanda van der Gulik.....Excited Life Enthusiast!

P.S. I'd love to see your suggestions on my blog.

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